New Leader Hiring

Developing a profile, advertising the position, vetting candidates,
negotiating the offer, and onboarding of the successor

We asked pastors to list their top 2 concerns related to succession planning. Of those who listed New Leader Hiring as a Top 2 Concern:

0 %
do not have a transition
or succession plan in place
0 %
rated their succession planning as "Below Average" or "Poor"
0 %
expressed an interest in resources
or help with succession planning

What's the New Leader Hiring conversation all about?

The process for hiring a new leader focuses on:

  • developing a profile
  • identifying and attracting candidates
  • vetting those candidates
  • negotiating an offer
  • and onboarding

All five areas are necessary components to the overall search process. And yet, many search teams lack the tools to navigate each area well.

Of those surveyed, 2% of pastors said they planned to utilize the services of a professional search firm.

Here is an excerpt from our
New Leader Hiring resource

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