New Leader Hiring

Developing a profile, advertising the position, vetting candidates, negotiating the offer, and onboarding of the successor



Understand the five phases that must be navigated in a search process


Disclose the appropriate amount of information with candidates as they progress through the vetting process.


Integrate all of The 6 Succession Planning Conversations into the development of your candidate profile

What's Included

The five-phases of a search process

Examples of search related documents

An overview of Sherpa's search services

We asked pastors to list their top 2 concerns related to succession planning. Of those who listed New Leader Hiring as a Top 2 Concern:

0 %
do not have a transition
or succession plan in place
0 %
rated their succession planning as "Below Average" or "Poor"
0 %
expressed an interest in resources
or help with succession planning

What's the New Leader Hiring conversation all about?

The process for hiring a new leader focuses on:

  • developing a profile
  • identifying and attracting candidates
  • vetting those candidates
  • negotiating an offer
  • and onboarding

All five areas are necessary components to the overall search process. And yet, many search teams lack the tools to navigate each area well.

Of those surveyed, 2% of pastors said they planned to utilize the services of a professional search firm.

Thank you...

for investing in your ministry’s ability to effectively steward key leadership transitions.

As an added BONUS, registration for the New Leader Hiring video coaching course also includes:

  • Emergency Transition Management
  • Proactive Exit Planning

Like many others, we are confident your team will find these tools helpful.

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