The O.D.E.G.I.
Transition model

A goal-oriented succession planning
model to guide ministry boards

What is the O.D.E.G.I. model?

The O.D.E.G.I. Model is a holistic planning methodology specifically designed to guide ministry leaders as they navigate key succession related conversations. 

Created by Will Heath, O.D.E.G.I. is an acronym that represents five specific outcomes a ministry must achieve for succession to be successful: orient, design, evaluate, gather, implement.

Why the O.D.E.G.I. model?

Succession planning is a complex, often emotional, process. Addressing organizational concerns while shepherding people in the process requires a unique leadership perspective, a clear process, and a robust set of tools. The O.D.E.G.I. Transition Model is specifically designed to equip ministry leaders to take a holistic approach to stewarding seasons of leadership transition.

When Should You Use the O.D.E.G.I Model?

  • Anticipating areas where the organization is not prepared to handle the stress brought on by a key leader transition
  • Identifying and prioritizing core questions the Board should address
  • Creating a plan of action for how to move each succession conversation forward 
  • Helping the Board, Staff, Key Ministry Leaders, and Strategic Partners navigate succession
  • Establishing a culture of healthy transition at every level within the organization

O.D.E.G.I. Exercise

Implementing The O.D.E.G.I. Model

Click below to download an exercise that will help your team dig deeper into The O.D.E.G.I.Transition Model and define which of The 6 Succession Succession Planning Conversations you should focus on first.