Proactive Exit Planning

Helping a transitioning leader (and spouse) prepare for their next season of influence

We asked pastors to list their top 2 concerns related to succession planning. Of those who listed Proactive Exit Planning as a Top 2 Concern:

0 %
do not have a transition
or succession plan in place
0 %
rated their succession planning as "Below Average" or "Poor"
0 %
expressed an interest in resources
or help with succession planning

What's the Proactive Exit Planning conversation all about?

Exit planning for key leaders addresses two critical issues:

  1. Funding retirement
  2. Role identification

The denominational leaders of ECO Presbyterian refer to funding retirement as “future-funded ministry.” What steps can the ministry’s Board take today that will help their leaders be financially prepared for life after transition?

Role identification clarifies the role the transitioning leader will have in their next season of influence. I have yet to work with a ministry leader that expects to “retire.”

Funding retirement and role identification are often significant sources of stress for the transitioning leader and their spouse. Ministry Boards should consider it a priority to shepherd the souls of those who have shepherded them.

Of those surveyed, only 18% expect to fully retire, while 82% expect to continue in a part-time or volunteer role.

The video below is an excerpt from our Proactive Exit Planning resource

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